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Supporting renewable wood energy as a sustainable, low-carbon power source.



2019: We Need An All-In Climate Strategy

The time is now.  To tackle climate change, we need an all-of-the-above renewable energy strategy that includes wood biomass combined with other renewables like wind and solar.


Maintaining Momentum


USIPA discusses industry growth and what's on the horizon for the wood pellet industry.

Our Take: World Economic Forum 2019


USIPA's message for the delegates in Davos: Bioenergy is a climate change solution.

Member News

Enviva Invests $200 Million In Mississippi


Enviva makes investments in Mississippi for a new pellet mill and a new port facility.

Fram Renewable Fuels Expands Presence in Georgia


Fram Renewable Fuels expands their pellet operations in Georgia with the purchase of a formerly idle pellet plant.


Drax Biomass Opens New Headquarters

Drax Biomass opens new headquarters in Monroe, Louisiana, near their operations in Bastrop and Urania.

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Quick Facts


The wood energy industry creates 5,000 jobs annually throughout the supply chain in the US southeastern region.


Over 7 million metric tons of wood pellets were exported from the US Southeast in 2018.


 Wood pellets reduce carbon emissions up to 90% when used in place of coal to produce electricity.

Why Wood Energy?

Strengthening Forests


Strong markets for forest products such as sawtimber, paper, packaging, and wood energy, provide financial incentive for private landowners to keep their forests as forests.  Wood energy is produced from lower-value wood fiber that often has no other market or is underutilized in the local area.

Replacing Fossil Fuels


Wood energy is a renewable replacement for fossil fuels, providing low-carbon, on-demand energy that can be used to produce power and heat.  Power from wood energy is flexible and stable and can support large-scale energy demand. 

Supporting Renewables


Wood energy provides grid stability and back-up power, making it the perfect complement to other renewables like solar and wind.  Wood energy is a critical component of any comprehensive renewables strategy.  

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