Support for Biomass

Letter from over 100 researchers and academics on the carbon benefits of biomass (October 2019) (pdf)


Letter from former US Sec. of Agriculture Vilsack highlighting the benefits of biomass (March 2016) (pdf)


Letter of support for biomass from former UK Sec. of State for Energy Amber Rudd (November 2015) (pdf)


Virginia's Forests Play Key Role in Fighting Climate Change (September 2019)

A registered forester discusses how strong and diverse markets for wood can help save the planet.

New Solutions from America's Oldest Natural Resource (September 2019)

William Reilly, former Administrator for the US Environmental Protection Agency, explains how the modern biomass industry is mitigating climate change.

Rhetoric is Not Science (September 2019)

Ewell Smith, Executive Director of the NC Loggers Association, outlines fact versus fiction in the wood bioenergy sector.

In Order Not to Lose Our Forests, We Cannot be Afraid to Use Them (August 2019)

Blake Hudson, Professor at the University of Houston, discusses why using forests is the key to protecting them.

The Energy Solution Growing in Our Backyards (May 2019)

Congressman Buddy Carter (GA) discusses the positive impact of working forests in the state of Georgia and the forest's important role in mitigating climate change.

Want to Fight Climate Change?  Burn More Trees.  (May 2019)

An energy expert in Europe explains how sustainable biomass has helped Europe meet climate targets and reduce reliance on coal.

Green Energy Option Wrongly Ignored (April 2019)

John Keppler, Chairman and CEO of Enviva, outlines why renewable wood energy is a true solution in the fight against climate change.

The Best Way to Preserve Forests is to Use Trees (March 2019)

Congressman Westerman (AK), a forester and engineer, shares his thoughts on sustainable working forests and the markets that support forest healthy and growth.

Healthy Markets are Key to Forest Health (February 2017)

Pryor Gibson, Executive Vice President of the North Carolina Forestry Association expresses the need for strong forestry markets for wood products to maintain forest healthy and vitality.

Wood Markets Play A Critical Role in Wildfire Prevention (February 2017)

Dr. Joseph Roise, Professor in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Services at North Carolina State University explains the critical role that working forests and best forest management practices can play in wildfire prevention.

Promise of North Carolina's Renewable Wood Energy (December 2016)

Pryor Gibson, Executive Vice President of the North Carolina Forestry Association discusses the opportunity for the wood energy industry to both preserve the health of North Carolina's forest resources, as well as create jobs for the state.

Wood Energy is an Opportunity for Mississippi (November 2016)

Congressman Greg Harper (MS-3rd) expresses support for an all-of-the-above energy strategy that includes woody biomass.

Wood Energy Industry Good for Both Sides of Atlantic (October 2016)

Arkansas Governor Hutchinson writes to European leaders in support of renewable wood energy trade between the US and Europe.

Renewable Wood Energy Works for NC (September 2016)

Steve Troxler, North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture, touts the positive contributions that the biomass industry has made to forestry and economic development in North Carolina.

Renewable Wood Energy: A New Opportunity for Alabama's Forests (September 2016)

John McMillan, Alabama Commissioner for Agriculture and Industries discusses Alabama's forest products industry and potential for Alabama to supply wood energy markets.

Viewpoint: Promoting Wood Products as Renewable Energy (August 2016) &

National Association of Counties Encourages Continued Support for Renewable Wood Energy (August 2016) 

Tony Hyde, County Commissioner for Colombia County, Oregon and President, National Association of Counties (NACo) explains the value of lower-value markets for wood, such as biomass, to forest landowners and local communities.

State's Energy Assets Key Part of Economy: McCullough (August 2016) &

Renewable Energy Resources Powering Mississippi's Economy (August 2016)

Glenn McCullough, Executive Director of the Mississippi Development Authority shares his views on the thriving forest products industry in Mississippi.

Brexit Presents Economic Opportunity for US Wood Energy Exports (July 2016) 

Lance Brown, Executive Director of the Partnership for Clean Energy, discusses the positive impact of wood pellet exports to the UK on US communities in the Southeast.