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Incomplete Reporting Perpetuates Misconceptions About Bioenergy

Forest2Market Blog, August 2019

Forest2Market analyzes recent reporting from the Wall Street Journal and outlines critical misunderstandings about the bioenergy industry.

The First EU Wide Sustainability Criteria for Biomass Must Reach the Market


Euractiv, March 2019

The REDII positions the EU as a world leader in the fight against climate change.  USIPA and Bioenergy Europe urge policy-makers not to be distracted by short-sighted claims from uninformed sources.

Sustainable Biomass: What's Ahead for New Markets


Biomass Magazine, March 2019

USIPA takes a look ahead at market opportunities for sustainable growth in the biomass industry over the coming months and years.

2019: We Need An All-In Climate Strategy


Biofuels Digest, January 2019

We need an all-of-the-above renewable energy strategy that includes wood biomass combined with other renewables like wind and solar.

Maintaining Momentum


Pellet Mill Magazine, December 2018

USIPA's Executive Director Seth Ginther sits down with Pellet Mill Magazine to discuss a decade of growth and what's on the horizon for the wood pellet industry.


Enviva Plans $200M Investment in Mississippi (Bioenergy Insight, January 2019)

Enviva announces expansion plans in Mississippi for a new mill and a new ship-loading facility, furthering their commitment to climate change mitigation and their investment in the local region.


Climate and Fire, Why Biomass Matters to Both (Biomass Magazine, December 2018)

USIPA discusses the important role that markets for forest products (like biomass) can play in fire prevention and forest health.


UK Renewable Energy Capacity Surpasses Fossil Fuels for the First Time (The Guardian, November 2018)

The UK energy grid's renewable energy capacity has tripled in the last five years, while fossil fuels have fallen by one-third.  In the summer of 2018, renewables capacity exceeded fossil fuel capacity for the first time.


Europe's First Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) Pilot Now Underway (, November 2018)

Drax Power begins the first BECCS pilot project, which could enable them to become the world's first carbon negative power station.


How Modern Bioenergy Helps Reduce Global Warming (The Economist, October 2018)

The Economist explains the biogenic carbon cycle and how bioenergy can help limit global warming and climate change.


Fram Renewable Fuels Purchases Former SEGA Biofuels Plant (Biomass Magazine, September 2018)

Fram expands their operations in Georgia with the purchase of an idle pellet plant in Brantley County.


Drax Biomass Moves Headquarters to Monroe, Louisiana (The Advocate, August 2018)

Drax Biomass completes the move to Monroe, moving headquarters closer to their operations in Louisiana and Mississippi.


We in the Wood Pellet Industry Are Helping Forests and the Environment (The Charlotte Observer, December 2017)

John Keppler, CEO of Enviva, discusses how the wood pellet industry is supporting healthy forests and mitigating climate change in North Carolina.


Setting the Record Straight on the Paris Agreement (Biomass Magazine, June 2017)

USIPA Executive Director Seth Ginther discusses the Paris Agreement and outlines new proposals in the EU Renewable Energy Directive.


IEA Bioenergy Response to Chatham House Report on Woody Biomass (, March 2017)

IEA Bioenergy responds to the “unfounded claims” and “flawed arguments” in a recent Chatham House report on bioenergy.  IEA’s response is supported by over 125 academics and researchers in the forestry, carbon, and bioenergy fields.


UK Report Confirms Positive Impact of Biomass on Carbon, Forests (Biomass Magazine, March 2017)

USIPA responds to report from UK Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy on carbon impacts of American woody biomass use for UK electricity production.


Europe's Clean Energy for All Europeans Proposals (Biomass Magazine, January 2017)

Overview of the EU's proposed Clean Energy Package from USIPA Executive Director Seth Ginther.